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Code Violation Services, Inc. is now 5 Arch Code Compliance!

We’re the same company that you’ve come to trust for code violation reporting, but we’ve got a new name and a new website! We hope that our new, contemporary design will allow you to find information about our services more easily. And it also displays well on smartphones and tablets!

(If you’re a current client and you’re looking for the login page… there isn’t one! All of our information, including our service order form, is available on the site without an account.)

Who is 5 Arch Code Compliance?

5 Arch Code Compliance offers a start-to-finish, proactive approach to overall code compliance – from pre-foreclosure through REO disposition.


5 Arch Code Compliance is a Windsor Colorado based company providing nationwide service in the areas of Unrecorded Municipal Code Violation Searches and Disclosures, Vacant Property Registration, Registration Compliance, HOA, Lien Negotiation Services, Permits, Zoning, Municipal Utilities and Florida Tax and Lien Searches. We are a woman owned business and are now in our 4th year.

We have a unique approach to overall code compliance and violation disclosure. The obligation to register property with the local municipalities stretches far beyond the common Vacant or Default Property Registration.

Our services meet the needs of many business models within the mortgage banking industry, including: loan originators, due diligence firms, investors / hedge funds, loan servicers, default and foreclosure firms, REO outsourcers, property preservation providers, auction companies, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, title insurance providers, escrow and closing companies, as well as the ultimate consumer/investor.

We provide a complete service approach for the life of your real estate transactions.

If you plan to purchase real estate get a code violation disclosure before you close. Please contact us today!

What is a code violation?
  • Code violations range from property registration non-compliance, trash in the yard, maintenance issues, over-grown lawns, improvements made without permits, zoning issues, occupancy permits, public nuisance & safety issues, and any hazardous conditions on property.
  • Fines for these violations can range from nominal amounts to fees that compound daily in excess of $1000.00 (Average $250.00).
  • Code Violations are not recorded as liens and thus are not captured by a public records title search. This creates a greater challenge for those processing REO liquidations.
  • The unrecorded nature of code violations and lack of proactive management opens multiple doors to risk, exposure, and liability.
What is a Vacant Property Registration?
  • Vacant Property Registration (“VPR”) ordinances impose financial liability on the mortgagee based on the mortgagee’s contractual right to manage and control the property once there has been a default.
  • Almost all municipal Vacant Property Registrations require vacant property registration at time of first vacancy according to the “letter of the law."
  • Some property registrations require registration at time of foreclosure action – Notice of Default.
  • Most municipal registration ordinances include a rental/tenant/landlord registration requirement.
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